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01. Monsters Of Rock

02. No Exception To The Rule

03. Shotgun Symphony

04. Back To The Roots

05. No Way Out

06. Danger Zone

07. Firestorm

08. Deaf, Blind And Dumb

09. Forever Metal

10. Children Of Desperation

11. Hold Your Head Up High

12. Making Magic

13. The Reactor

14. Rock City

15. Fake

Celebrating 35 years of "We-take-no-prisoners" hard rocking heavy metal, Killer returns with "Monsters Of Rock", their seventh album. Produced by founding member Shorty (vocals & guitar) and Vanne (drummer), the album packs a powerful wallop, carrying on in the classic tradition of "Ready For Hell", "Wall Of Sound" and "Shock Waves". The spirit of the 1980s power-trio recorded with the technical capabilities of 2015 - Hard rockin’ heavy metal does not get any better!

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The album “Monsters of Rock” was recorded at “Vanne’s Home studio”